The Beginning, IEP Reviews, Attending Meetings, Coaching and so much more!

I help families navigate the world of IEP’s and 504 plans in the public school system.  As an Educational Advocate- I understand that IEP’s and 504 Plans can be CONFUSING, STRESSFUL, and sometimes an OVERWHELMING process for many families trying to help their children.   I can help make this process easier for you as it doesn’t have to cost you sleepless nights! 

What is an IEP? An IEP is an Individualized Education Plan or Program, which is a written document that is developed for each public school student who is eligible for special education.  The IEP is created and developed by a team.  Parents are a very important part of this team.  

I can help you, with initial evaluations, reviewing your child’s IEP, attending meetings, and so much more! 

Let's start at the very beginning...

You know that your child is struggling in school! You feel it deep in your gut that something is wrong.  Your child could be struggling with academics, socially, emotionally, with handwriting, or speech… is your child off task a lot?   Is the school telling you that your child will catch up if they are behind in grade level? OR are they telling you that your child can’t get any help because they have good grades?  AND you know they need help!  YET NO ONE IS LISTENING!   You are in the RIGHT PLACE!  I am here and I have heard it, I have been where you have been! I can help!  


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IEP Review & Recommendations...

When you schedule your IEP review, we will go through your child’s entire IEP and discuss your concerns in deeper depth in order for me to get a very clear understanding of what is happening with their IEP, what is happening at school (brick and mortar or virtual)  and at home. Together we will develop a plan to move forward in achieving continued education, future employment and independent living. I will make sure that your child’s IEP reflects exactly what they need!  

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Attending Meetings...

I can attend meetings with you!  When I attend a meeting with my clients I always tell them that their child becomes mine in that meeting and I will do everything I can to make sure that your child gets the services and supports that they are eligible for.  You do not have to feel alone in a meeting anymore.   A parent shouldn’t feel unheard, frustrated and not part of the IEP TEAM.  As parents you are PART of your child’s IEP TEAM and the only people  on that team that will be there year after year. A CONSTANT and PERMANENT MEMBER ! Teachers will change every year.  YOU WILL NOT!   You do not have to do it alone!  I can be a part of the team with you.  For one meeting or for all throughout your child’s journey.  

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IEP Coaching and one on one support...

Have you been ignored by the school? Are you just not sure what you should do with the data that you received or a progress report? and you aren’t sure what to do with the information?  Is your child making progress?  LET’S FIGURE IT OUT TOGETHER!    Do you need to write parent input for a meeting?  Do you want to put your questions in an email to the team but want me to review it prior to you sending it?  I can do all of that for you! 

Coaching you throughout the school year from attending parent teacher conferences, to reviewing progress reports , or interactions with the teachers about your child are some of things that I can do with you.  AGAIN YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE.   I  can tailor a program just for you!  Coaching you on what to do when the teacher calls to tell you that your child can not sit still, or you aren’t sure what or how to respond to an email that you received from the school.  I can help you.  Let’s tailor something that fits your unique needs. 

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