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 “When our oldest daughter, who has special needs, first entered school we were overwhelmed and looking for guidance on how to navigate her academic career and specifically her Individual Education Plan (IEP).  Cheryl Moscal clearly knows special education! From the first time we spoke, she helped ease our minds and open our eyes to all the possibilities and support that is available within the school system. She also helped us gain an understanding the IEP process itself.  Cheryl uses her knowledge, experience, and passion for helping children to make sure each child receives the services and support they need. 

There has never been any pressure to hire Cheryl, she is always willing to share and provide information.

We hired Cheryl and she now has not only attended multiple IEP meetings for our oldest daughter but for two of our other children as well.  It is a huge relief for us to have someone who can speak their language and it has made an incredible difference in our IEP meetings.  Cheryl has a collaboration style that we love.  We discuss our goals, thoughts, ideas and she always has suggestions in areas we had never considered or thought possible. She stands behind any decision we make. Having Cheryl has helped maintain a good working relationship with our school district while getting our children everything they need.

We are thrilled with the results and will certainly continue to have Cheryl attend all our future IEP meetings.” 

Kelly, Parent

“How do you begin to thank the person who fought the good fight alongside you? Not just that though. Cheryl fights with knowledge I’m ill-equipped with and WON us services for our daughter that she needed so desperately. The school and the district fought us tooth and nail, all the while pretending they would do anything for her, and we’ll never understand why. Honestly, finding Cheryl was the turning point for our family and our daughter’s future. As an elementary school teacher, I pride myself with knowing so many things about children that the public doesn’t know but even I fell short. You need Cheryl’s help. She will put your child first and goes into meetings as if your child is her own. You need her because it gets exhausting and repetitive. You need her because she gets the job done. Every time. We used her for elementary and again for middle school. There is no other advocate I would trust with my daughter’s services.”

Heidi, Parent

“When we were requiring an educational advocate to join our son’s IEP team it was essential to find someone who would provide knowledge, confidence, and grit. With Cheryl’s assistance, we were able to obtain the ideal setting, with proper supports, for our son to succeed. Cheryl was the final piece to the puzzle and we are grateful for her help. She has a passion for what she does and we look forward to seeking out her expertise in the future.” 
J.L Family, Parents

“I have been fighting for my Son’s Cameron’s education since he was 3. Cameron was non-verbal until he was 4 and diagnosed with speech apraxia at 3.  Cameron has been behind 2 full years in reading since 2nd-grade reading tutoring and receiving many other services within the Pasco County School system.  What a joke!! I have been handling all of his IEP meetings myself and thought I was on top of it. I am in an involved parent, I take friends to my conferences, ask for advice but we have been let down for years. I recently reached out on a FaceBook group asking for some advice about Cameron’s delays/needs and this amazing advocate reached out to me. I quickly realized there was much more to this than I EVER thought.  Since our first meeting with Cheryl in June, we have made leaps and bounds on navigating the IEP process, school system and we’re getting Cameron the extra help he needs. Cameron was just diagnosed with Dyslexia by a Psychologist at USF. For years I have been told Cameron was lazy and he was “playing us” and nothing was wrong.  If your gut says something isn’t right with your child/education trust it!!! I couldn’t have done this without Cheryl’s assistance, if anyone has a child with an IEP we’d highly recommend Cheryl’s assistance.”

Kelly J, Parent


“I am writing to express my sincerest gratitude for Cheryl’s presence in Friday’s meeting in regard to Bruce’s IEP meeting.  What breath of fresh air she has been throughout the last couple of weeks!  The prep call she and I had leading up to the meeting surely set a comfortable stage for my uncertainties and anxieties going in.  Cheryl’s knowledge and persistence in Friday’s meeting were so welcoming.  It is necessary to have this representation for my husband and me since we do not have the expertise in this area.     Without an advocate, I am quickly learning how the school staff can ‘railroad’ an IEP to its advantage, yet to the detriment of the student.  Not any longer!  IEP Coaches are essential if the parent desires a genuine difference to be made in his child’s education.  Well done and keep up the great work.”

Kimberly S,Parent

“I had been struggling with our local public school and district to get the needed supports in place for my child. I ended up hiring Cheryl Moscal to join our team in an effort to help our child, who was struggling due to the lack of support at the school level.
Cheryl has been excellent at listening to the complexities of our child’s Autism diagnosis and understanding how it impacted our child in the learning/school setting. Her deep knowledge and extensive experience in education/special education, along with her child-focused approach, has allowed her to identify those supports that would benefit and assist my child in a way that makes my child feel successful. She has been a staunch advocate for my child. At the same time, her professionalism and calm, open demeanor have allowed her to work well with the school and district. Cheryl has been able to make great progress on behalf of my child with our local school and school district, both formally with the IEP process and informally, that I was unable to achieve without her help. She also has been an excellent, open collaborator with our other team members. With Cheryl helping me navigate the world of IEPs and school-related supports, I find that I can take a deep breath and have confidence that my child will get needed support to be successful in our local public school. I highly recommend Cheryl to any other parents working with a school or school district on a formal or even informal basis to help ensure their child gets the right supports in place to be successful.

Cheryl became our rock through a very emotional and difficult time. She has repeatedly exceeded my expectations. I am beyond thrilled that we decided to work with Cheryl.

She is not only my Adam’s advocate she is apart of our family!

We love you Cheryl YOU rock!”


Barbara B, Parent

“I cannot imagine any parent walking into an IEP meeting without Cheryl.   Cheryl is our Advocate and we were beyond impressed with our first meeting with her. Her knowledge and professionalism were beyond our expectations. Thank you!”


Ellen M, Parent

“We moved to Florida from out of state.  My son had a current IEP from that state which I assumed would be followed. The new elementary school in Hillsborough was giving us push back on the services he was getting. A friend had recommended we talk to Cheryl Moscal to see what our rights really were. I am so glad we did. Cheryl’s knowledge was huge. She was able to get the services my son needed written into his IEP. Cheryl fought for my son as if he was her own child.  I highly recommend choosing Cheryl Moscal as an educational advocate for your child.” 


Sally B, Parent

“I wanted to recommend Cheryl Moscal as she is a great educational advocate for my son! She made me aware of many rights i have as a parent and has been amazing in IEP meeting! She stood up to a horrible psychologist who just flat our refused to conduct an evaluation that my son was entitled to and is fighting for more speech services for my son with apraxia. There is just so much we don’t know as parents so a good advocate is a must!”

Asia H, Parent

“Cheryl is an outstanding IEP advocate. She is very knowledgeable, organized, and focused.

For the first time, I felt like I was heard & able to make the necessary progress to update the IEP. There is absolutely no way I would have been able to get the changes made without the expertise & tensity of Cheryl. This is the first set of meetings I haven’t cried during because I knew he was getting everything he needed. A++ would recommend. Search no further!

KD, Parent


How do you even begin to thank someone that you just met, but they fought for your child as if this child was their own? Cheryl is nothing short of amazing and worth every penny. My husband was skeptical and said “try this yourself” I did and got angry and frustrated and ended up leaving my meeting, When Cheryl took over the second meeting it was a completely different experience. Cheryl FOUGHT for our daughter. She was calm and hit the buzz words that I failed to do.
Cheryl was compassionate and Passionate and she will forever be our team! If you are struggling and fighting and are feeling lost reach out and contact Cheryl!
Thank you!
K.A  Family Parents


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