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All new to you?

 You know that your child is struggling in school.  Your child might be having challenges in some of these areas, Reading, Math, Social Emotional Skills, handwriting, spelling, grammar, they are off task a lot, can not stay organized, have no friends or very little friends.  The school isn’t listening to you! 

You are in the RIGHT PLACE.

IEP Consulting

Maybe you’re prepping for an IEP meeting or you just have a gut feeling that you might be missing something in your child’s IEP. When you send me your child’s IEP and we review it together, you’re going to feel a sigh of relief that you are no longer alone and your voice is being heard. It’s time to change your child’s special education experience! 

You are in the RIGHT PLACE.

Free Phone Consult

 Parents, Navigating the IEP process and the school system can be tough! Let’s schedule 20 minutes together so you can share your top 3 concerns with me. I’ll share with you the next steps you can take for your child and we’ll see if we’re a perfect fit to build your child’s IEP together!

You are in the RIGHT PLACE.

Attending Meetings

I can attend your next meeting with you!  Sometimes that is just want you need to make the changes and create the solutions with the school/district so that your child is getting all of the services and accommodations that they are eligible for. 

You are in the RIGHT PLACE.

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