About me...

 My name is Cheryl Moscal, over 14 years ago I was right where you are today!

I was frustrated, overwhelmed, and felt like I did not know how to help my child in the educational setting and no one was listening!  

 Are you frustrated, overwhelmed, and  feel like you do not know how to help your child?  

Today you can start the journey of turning the page and taking control!

Is your child struggling in public school, private school, or in a home school setting?

  • Do you think your child needs an IEP or do they have one that you think really isn’t meeting their needs? 
  • Does your child have a 504 yet you do not believe it is what your child needs? 
  • Did the school tell you that they need to collect data before they can evaluate your child?
  • Does your child struggle to make friends?
  • Does your child have anxiety about going to school?
  • Does your child have communication challenges?
  • Is something just not right and you just can’t figure it out?






If you find yourself frustrated, overwhelmed, or stressed out about how to help your child in school you are in the RIGHT PLACE! 

I can help! Let’s talk! 

Is your child struggling with, reading, comprehension, math, or social skills, do they have anxiety in school, have trouble keeping up, staying on task, behavioral challenges? If you answered yes to any of these.

I can help! Let’s talk! 

If the school is telling you that your child doesn’t need help in school because their grades are good… Yet, you know that they are struggling with handwriting, social skills, or something else in school?

I can help! Let’s talk! 

I have been where you are! The schools told me the same thing that you are hearing! You aren’t CRAZY! YOUR CHILD CAN GET HELP!  Do not waste years and years!   

Let’s get your child the help they need! Let’s talk! 

Do not let another day go by without some answers!

Contact me today so that we can set up some time to talk.


Training programs and workshops are ongoing to get it right for you and your child!


Please note this is not an all inclusive list of trainings & programs:


  • Senior Educational Advocacy Training Programs & Mentorships
  • Attorney/Advocate Special Education Law & Advocacy 
  • Special Educational Plan Development Program
  • IDEA Law and Educational Impacts  
  • Member of COPAA- Council of Parent Attorney and Advocates
  • IEP/504 educational workshops and training programs ongoing

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