About me...


How did I start my journey with helping families?

What is my WHY?  

My LOVE for my daughter – My daughter struggled during her early years. I had to figure out how to get her help when she was 3 years old. I was able to have her evaluated for an IEP. When she was first found eligible for an IEP  she finally started to get the services that she needed.  She needed more speech therapy minutes each week and I had to work hard to get those additional minutes each week added to her services on her IEP.  I was advocating through unknown waters of the IEP world on my own but was able to get what she needed. 

When she entered her first year of kindergarten the school held an IEP meeting.  I remember very clearly that at this first IEP the school team started to push me to take speech therapy minutes off of her IEP.  They were not considering my daughter’s unique needs and what she was found eligible for and the reason she had these minutes on her IEP in the first place.  I was told that it was difficult to schedule her as no one in the school had this many minutes a week for speech therapy. The push back that I received over and over was stressful and overwhelming.  The minutes stayed on her IEP.  Every few weeks the school team tried to tell me that she had too many minutes for therapy. I felt like they were trying to wear me down and to agree with them. I had to stand my ground and thought “WOW”  I have no training and knowledge about this IEP world like I thought I did!  I kept thinking… Why do I have to keep explaining over and over why she needs those services? Why do I have to defend her and her IEP at every corner? Why is this so hard, why do I feel like the school team isn’t willing to help my child. 

I just knew in my gut what was right for my child!



So you guessed it!  This Mama jumped in and learned everything I could about IEP’s and 504 Plans in order to help my daughter and I DID! 

IT DIDN’T HAVE TO BE THAT STRESSFUL, THAT OVERWHELMING!  That is why  I decided to help other families navigate the choppy waters of the IEP world.

In the last 12 + years I continue to grow and educate myself! Learning never stops! I  have attended advocacy training programs, continue to attend Wrightslaw workshops and seminars, I am a member of COPAA.  This is my passion!  I will never stop learning and growing in order to help children that are struggling!

I have attended 100’s of IEP meetings, coached and trained families on the IEP process, and have held seminars for families on IEP’s and 504 plans

I understand that IEP’s and 504 plans can be confusing, stressful, and downright overwhelming at times.


Let me help make that process easier for you!

Let me help your child get the help that they need!

If you find yourself frustrated, overwhelmed, stressed out about how to help your child in school you are in the RIGHT PLACE! 

I can help! Let’s talk! 

Is your child struggling with, reading, comprehension, math, social skills, do they have anxiety in school, have trouble keeping up, staying on task, behavioral challenges? If you answered yes to any of these.

I can help! Let’s talk! 

If the school is telling you that your child doesn’t need help in school because their grades are good… Yet, you know that they are struggling with handwriting, social skills, or something else in school?

I can help! Let’s talk! 

I have been where you are! The schools told me the same thing that you are hearing! You aren’t CRAZY! YOUR CHILD CAN GET HELP!  Do not waste years and years!   

Let’s get your child the help they need! Let’s talk! 

Do not let another day go by without some answers!

Contact me today so that we can set up some time to talk.



  • Advocating and Coaching families for 14+ years and counting
  • Wrightslaw Special Education Law and Advocacy Training
  • Senior Educational Advocacy Training Program & Mentorship
  • Special Ed Plan Development, Law and Education Impacts Training program
  • Member of COPAA- Council of Parent Attorney and Advocates
  • IEP/504 Mentorship workshops and training programs ongoing
  • Director of Education at NOT YOUR AVERAGE AUTISM MOM 

  Free IEP Checklist coming soon! 

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